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Trust Board Committee

SL No. Name

Occupation Position in the Trust Board
1. Dr.Alwyn Roshan Pais Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NITK-Surathkal President
2. Dr. Nagendrappa H Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,NITK -Surathkal Secretary
3. Dr. Vasudev M Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,NITK -Surathkal Correspondent
4. Mr.Laxminarayana H Steno (SG-1) PA to Director, NITK-Surathkal Treasurer
5. Prof.Murigendrappaa Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, NITK- Surathkal Member
6. Dr.Jeny Rajan Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NITK-Sutrathkal Member
7. Dr.Sam Johnson Assistant Professor, Dept of Mathematical and Computational Sciences Member
8. Dr.Subhashchandra Kattimani Associate Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering Member
9. Dr.Sunil B.M Associate Professor, Dept of Civil Engineering Member, SC/ST representative from teaching staff of NITK
10. Smt .Yashavanthi Non Teaching staff NITK ,Surathkal Member, representative from woman employee NITK, Surathkal
11. Dr. Aravind Bhat Dentist Member
12. Dr.B.Manu Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member
13. Sri Dayananda Non-teaching staff, NITK, Surathkal Member
14. Dr.Manoj SAS Officer,NITK Surathkal Member
15. Mr.Pradeep D Technical Officer,NITK Surathkal Member
16. Mrs.Prameela Principal,NITK English Medium School Member

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